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Overcoming Financial difficulty
     In both the Old and New Testaments, the word of God shows us that when people were in trouble and even desperate that releasing a seed in good soil resulted in a substantial financial breakthrough.  For example: The widow of Sarephath was getting ready to eat her last meal and die.  God sent the prophet Elijah to her for a drink of water and some bread.  Her obedience to Elijah's inspired instruction released up a provisional miracle that Jesus spoke of in the new testament.  
     In Mark chapter 12 a poor widow gave all she had to the Lord.  Jesus said that the poor widow had given more than all of the rich together.  Her gift carried power than the the combined offering total.  She gave with a purpose.  Her purpose was to change the state of her financial status.  When you give to God, you should do the same.  Paul said that God loves a cheerful giver who's heart is in their giving.  Jesus said to give and that God would cause people to return back to you according to the measure you used.  I have learned to trust God with a seed in difficult and in good times.  
     Every time He faithfully multiplied my seed sown and blessed my life.  God will do the same for you.  You must sow a seed in order to give God something to work with and you must have a good confession over your giving.  Many times people contact me for prayer concerning their finances but have neither one of these components in place.  I encourage you to sow a significant sacrificial seed in the midst of the recession and trust God to multiply your seed sown and multiply the fruits of your righteousness.  
     It won't make sense in the natural mind to give something when you need more, but that is how the kingdom of God works.  Everything in the kingdom of God operates through seedtime and harvest.  It is the promise of God for us, that as long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest will continue to work for you. 
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